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We specialise in creating great places to work. At Ambient Tribe we harness the power of culture, engagement, training and leadership to maximise your results.
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Up your communication game

When it comes to scaling your business, your ability to communicate your message to many stakeholders is key.


Whether it’s to your internal teams, clients or even suppliers, communicating 1:many takes a very different skill set from 1:1.


Great leaders make people feel part of something bigger than themselves, they connect with their teams and inspire them to take action and do things differently.

Up your communication game
Do you need to...

Do you need to…

  • Get comfortable talking to large groups?
  • Engage your team so they’re all on the same page?
  • Incite action?
  • Deliver difficult messages?
  • Find ways to connect with employees you might not personally know?
  • Inspire creativity, innovation and productivity in your teams?

We support you as you move your leadership communication style from start up, to scale up.




Team Workshop


This course helps you and your leadership team develop your communication style, find empathy in your approach and engage your people in every aspect of their work – from the everyday to the big picture.

With Impact


1:1 Leadership Coaching


Develop your ability to move a room (virtually or in real life). Our 1:1 public speaking training develops you from ‘ok’, to ‘excellent’ when it comes to engaging your people and inspiring action.

Delegation For Control Freaks


Team Workshop


Being a leader is hard. It’s often much quicker to do things ourselves, but we know we need to delegate out to be a success. This workshop gives you the tools to delegate to your team, and know that they’ll do it right.

Master Hybrid


Online Course


As the world moves to Hybrid, don’t let you or your team be lost on ‘mute’. Our online Master Hybrid Meetings course gives you the tools and skills to nail hybrid meetings, maximise time and productivity and more importantly, inspire action.

Present With


Team Training


You can have the best idea in the world, but it means nothing if no one listens. Our Team Training sessions give your people the confidence to share your message, deliver presentations with confidence and improve your outcomes.


Liz Kenny

The routines Catherine equipped me with have been handy to ‘pull out’ when I have succumbed to nerves; they make me feel mentally stronger.


Liz Kenny, Halifax Directory

Claire Phillips

We now have a great set of values that feel authentic.


Claire Phillips – Wicresoft UK