Ambient Tribe | Engaging communication
Empower your company through great communication. We help companies improve their communication practices to inspire and engage their people, increase productivity and impact their bottom line.
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Engaging communication

Team workshop


Are your team communicating like a well oiled machine, or can communication be a bit clunky? This course helps your team develop their communication style, learn how to adapt their approach and engage customers and fellow employees alike.


  •  Develop understanding of your own communication style 
  •  Understand your audience and learn to flex your approach
  •  Appreciate the impact good listening skills have on business outcome
  • Check and deepen understanding through the use of probing questions
  •  Learn to interpret non-verbal cues
  •  Express yourself clearly and concisely

Who is it for?

  • Team  members who want to improve how they communicate

How it works

  • Length: 2 hours
  • In-person or virtual
  • Maximum participants: 15