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We specialise in creating great places to work. At Ambient Tribe we harness the power of culture, engagement, training and leadership to maximise your results.
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Purpose, vision and values (legacy)

Who are you, where are you going and how do you work?

To all you hardworking, tenacious, single minded (often exhausted) Owner/Manager’s out there… I take my hat off to you. Even if you have a great team, when you’re scaling up your business, you’re still wearing all the different hats…sales, customer, management, finance, marketing, HR. You​​​​​​​ are the business. And it’s a constant jugging act.


As you grow, you slowly hand over (at least some of) the reins. And to all the control freaks out there (I’m right with you)… this means putting your trust in others, getting the right people on onboard and getting everyone working in the right way for your organisation.

Sounds easy right? Wrong.

So why is it so hard to get your team moving in the same direction?


Because so often, entrepreneurs have great ideas in their heads, but don’t have the skills, words and insight to powerfully articulate exactly what they mean and get their vision into the hearts and minds of their people.

Does this sound familiar?

Your team just don’t seem to get what’s most important to the business.

You’re not attracting your ideal customers.

You wish everyone cared about the business as much as you do

Your team are all pulling in different directions.

You want to keep what makes you unique as you grow.

You cringe when you hear people saying the wrong messages.

You want everyone to adopt your high standards of customer service.

People don’t treat customer’s in the way you want them to.

You’ve made some recruitment choices out of desperation – rather than feeling like you found the right person.

So, what do you do?
You get crystal clear…

If you want to engage, inspire and influence the people that will help you grow your business, you have to get crystal clear about what drives your business in the first place – your purpose, your vision of where you’re headed and the values that underpin how you work.


When you can dynamically articulate these foundations and really live them throughout your business, life gets exciting.

Catherine Bonner

Imagine if you could…

Attract the right people to grow your business

Bring in your ideal customers aligned to your values

Create a dynamic high-energy culture

Get everyone rowing in the same direction

Stand out in your industry

Give your people a reason to get out of bed each day

Cultivate ownership in every single team member

Know that every decision is aligned to your principles

Hear your team say 'this is a great place to work'

Achieve consistent high levels of service

Trust that your high expectations will be met

Keep what makes your culture unique as you grow

Book a discovery call to find out how


Articulate who you are
and what you stand for

So what is ‘purpose’, ‘vision’ and ‘values’ – are they just the latest bullsh*t buzz words?


Here’s the thing… your purpose, vision and values already exist in your business.


Even if you’ve never written them down, given them a second thought, or realised they existed. They will be there.


Your purpose might be to make as much money as possible. Your vision,  to just make it through to the next financial year.  Your values, to rinse the client for as much as possible while doing as little as you can. If that’s you…we’re probably not going to be working together any time soon. But the fact is, purpose, vision and values (or the lack of them) drive every business behaviour.

My clients are inspirational businesses. They have a purpose that’s not just about making money (although they make that too), a vision for making the world a better place and values that mean they work the right way so they can grow sustainably. They’re dynamic, exciting businesses with massive potential.

They just struggle to articulate it all and get it into the hearts and minds of their people. That’s where I can help!

Unearthing your Core DNA

At Ambient Tribe, I work with entrepreneurial businesses, just like yours, to unearth your purpose, vision and values – or as I call it, your Core DNA.


My proven process reveals what makes you and your company unique and then brings it to life across everything you do. I’m not about cool marketing messages, or flashy posters up on a wall (although that’s all very nice).


I work closely with you and your team, to delve into what makes you tick. I question, listen and fact-find to distil exactly what makes up your Core DNA and then articulate it through words that that your team can truly get behind and has actual meaning to your customers.


Once you’ve got your Core DNA – I then show you how you can make it tangible across every area of your business.

Our Approach

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